Monday, 12 November 2012

RDM in libraries survey

You are invited to take part in a survey on library roles in research data

The survey has been designed to give the community a clear picture of the extent to which libraries are currently involved in research data management (RDM) work, and the extent to which they regard different aspects of RDM to be strategic priorities for the next three years.

As you will know, this issue touches directly on one of RLUK's strategic priorities and so we are keen to track progress in this area. The survey has been tested already on some of RLUK colleagues who have kindly provided very useful feedback that has enabled us to refine the questions. So we hope now that the questionnaire corresponds well to the key issues as you see them. We believe that the results will be of direct interest to colleagues in UK HE libraries and that we can use the data as a benchmark to measure developments in future. We are hoping all of this will mean that we get a good response.

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