Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Paper by Cox and Pinfield published in JOLIS

A paper reporting the November 2012 survey of UK libraries activities and plans in relation to RDM has been published in OnlineFirst for Journal of Library and Information Science.

"Research data management and libraries: Current activities and future priorities"

This paper reports research carried out at the end of 2012 to survey UK universities to understand in detail the ways in which libraries are currently involved in research data management and the extent to which the development of research data management services is a strategic priority for them. The research shows that libraries were offering limited research data management services, with highest levels of activity in large research-intensive institutions. There were major challenges associated with skills gaps, resourcing and cultural change. However, libraries are currently involved in developing new institutional research data management policies and services, and see this as an important part of their future role. Priorities such as provision of research data management advisory and training services are emerging. A systematic comparison between these results and other recent studies is made in order to create a full picture of activities and trends. An innovation hype-cycle framework is deployed to understand possible futures and Abbott’s theory of professions is used to gain an insight into how libraries are competing to extend their jurisdiction whilst at the same time working collaboratively with other stakeholders.

The paper is also available from the institutional repository, WRRO.

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